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We are a successful, local car buying company
that has years of experience in the used car market.

Who We Are

We are a successful, local car buying company that has years of experience in the used car market. We seek to have a positive impact on the Albuquerque community which has led us to rethink the way traditional used car buying is done. In a business where gimmicks and aggressive tactics are mainstays, we seek to be the exception. As such, our business model revolves around values such as transparency, respect, and efficiency. We know that we offer the most friendly, fast, and ethical car buying service out there. Call us today and let us prove it to you!

What We Do

At Cash For Cars Albuquerque, our goal is to provide the residents of Albuquerque with an alternative to trade-ins and personal sales. We offer the best of both: the professionalism and security of a big business and the efficiency and ease of a personal sale. We specialize in helping people who have time constraints or are in unique situations. For instance, if you have been in an accident and your car is no longer safe to drive, it is worth it to call us to get a quote on the car. Chances are, insurance is covering the cost of the vehicle and you are left to wonder what you are supposed to do with the wrecked one. Sure, the insurance company may offer to buy it from you, but at a pittance of what you could get from us. We buy cars in every condition, even those that are considered junk cars. Don’t let your wrecked car sit in your driveway; we pay cash for almost every vehicle we see!

The speed of our service is what has earned us a large amount of repeat customers. Nowadays, financial stability is never guaranteed and fluctuations in the market have left many people in a hard place almost overnight. We realize that one of the reasons many of our clients need to sell a vehicle quickly is to pay bills and make ends meet. Rather than take advantage of that fact—as many of our competitors do—we remain sensitive to your needs and endeavor to help in any way we can. We won’t punish you by offering you a lower amount, or by dragging out the process. Instead, we have designed our buying process to be as quick and hassle free as possible.

Every once in awhile we get contacted by an individual who is not located in Albuquerque but still wants to sell their car. If this happens to be you, and you are looking for a recommendation we highly suggest you consider using cash for cars, they seem to have stellar testimonials so they should be able to assist you.

What Our Clients Say

"My dad had a car that stopped running a few years ago. Fixing it would cost much more than the car was actually worth. We called this company and they came and picked up the car, writing a check for it on the spot."


Ralph C.L.